This page of the website details the walk only, with minimal other details, such as heritage and history, so that it can be printed off in whole or by each section of the trail as an easy pamphlet type guide to progress.

    The Salford Trail

    Salford Quays to Peel Park. 4.822 miles

    *** Until further notice it is advisable to not start at Salford Quays for the early part of the Salford Trail. Major developments with a railway link (The Ordsall Chord) and a collapse of the footpath behind the Soap Works building has meant that the footpath is blocked in two places, meaning that inconvenient diversions are necessary. It is therefore suggested a good starting point would be at New Bailey Street near to the Mark Addy pub or the statue of Joseph Brotherton. ***

    From the Salford Quays Metro link tram stop, begin by facing the water of St Peter Basin, turn left walking off the platform to the end of St Peter Basin turning right into Merchants Quay following the waters edge to the small painted building at the end. Cross Merchants Quay and walk to the left of the electricity sub-station passing by the cottages to the corner of South Bay then turn left and right by the water's edge passing by the rear of the Copthorne Hotel then take the second turning left leading to Clippers Quay.

    Cross over and walk to the left towards the front of the former cinema and walk towards the canal side, keeping as near to the water's edge as possible for a better view of the canal and the wildlife, carrying on along the walkway towards the former Trafford Road swing bridge. The bridge is now fixed and no longer swings as it once did to allow ships to pass through.
    From this point on the trail is on the left hand side of the river and canal, for 2 miles, until reaching the turn off down Clowes Street, then later returning to the riverside at New Bridge Street for a further 0.8 miles to the Adelphi footbridge to turn right towards the Meadow and Peel Park, the instructions below give an extra guide.

    Walk under the bridge and along the canal at the rear of the office blocks and the new development named “Soap Works” (the former Colgate Palmolive factory) Carry on along the canal to reach the first bridge, a footbridge at the end of Woden Street, known locally as Mark Addy’s bridge, which marks the end of the river and the beginning of the canal. A few yards after the footbridge the river Medlock can be seen coming into the river on the opposite bank next to the railway arches.

    The next bridge along, next to the casino, carries Regent Road walk under it and 138 yards further along the path a small stone bridge goes over the entrance to a small basin at the side.

    ***In 2014, at a point 50 yards on from the basin the riverside path has been blocked for a project that may not be finished until December 2016, this is to accommodate the Ordsall Chord rail link, which is the building of a new rail-track and bridge over the river to link Manchester Victoria and Piccadilly stations.***

    ***For the diversion walk to the left of the basin and take the path out to Wilburn Street, turn right passing by Middlewood Street into Hampson Street and then the right hand side of the A6042 Trinity Way, where about 50 yards forward on the right is the Margaret Fletcher Tunnel leading back to the riverside.
    If this is blocked, "Carry on past the Margaret Fletcher Tunnel to Irwell Street and access the river again by the steps by the Ralli buildings at the side of the Irwell Street bridge." ***

    Further along the river, walk under a series of bridges, both rail and road, just after which, the path goes over another stone bridge, topped by a wooden platform, passing over the end of the canal that runs through Salford from Bolton and Bury before entering the river Irwell.

    Walk on to the next bridge, which is under Irwell Street. The footpath here can be overgrown at certain times of the year and the path is single file passing under the bridge. This is the last bridge along this section of the river. Carry on under the bridge as far as possible to where the new Ralli buildings are and steps lead up to street level onto Stanley Street next to the Mark Addy pub.

    *** Recommended starting point until further notice ***

    Cross over New Bailey Street and drop back down to the riverside to the right of the statue of Joseph Brotherton. Carry on along the riverside for 330 yards where a stainless steel finger post indicates Chapel Street to the left, turn left and walk down to Chapel Street along Clowes Street emerging directly opposite the Caxton Hall building. Cross over Chapel Street and walk to the right towards Sacred Trinity Church.

    Walk past the church then cross over Blackfriars Road to go straight ahead under the arches along Gravel Lane, carry on along Gravel Lane to the junction of the road where Greengate crosses. Walk to the right  and diagonally across Greengate to New Bridge Street, where  just before the bridge there is access back to the river Irwell via a sloping ramp to the left.
    The walk is now along the banks of the river again, staying on the left hand side until Broughton Bridge is reached and the path rises up via steps to the road. Cross over the road at Broughton Bridge and carry on along the riverside walk on the opposite same left hand side of the river.

    The path behind the riverside apartments eventually comes to the Adelphi Footbridge. Turn right to cross the bridge and turn immediately left down the path at the rear of the houses, which leads to the large playing fields 'The Meadow' surrounded by the bend of the river. A hard based path skirts round the whole of the field following the bend of the river, walk the complete circle to finish back at the Meadow Road point of entrance.

    There are plenty of seats in this area so it is ideal for lunch stop or coffee break.
    After leaving the fields, walk straight along Meadow Road for about 220 yards, to where Hough Lane footbridge to the left, crosses the river again into Peel Park. Looking down into the water from the bridge, it will be seen that the river is flowing in a different direction from the previous bridge. This is because the walk has cut across the giant bend in the river.

    There are good transport links to Peel Park either by train to and from Salford Crescent station or buses on the Crescent in front of the museum and art gallery to Bolton, Eccles, Irlam, Warrington or Manchester, so it may be desirable to make the park the end of a short walk.

    The transport links can be reached by turning left and walking up towards the Crescent where the buses are frequent in both directions. For the train turn right at the Crescent and walk 412 yards to Salford Crescent railway station.

    Peel Park to Littleton Road, Kersal. 4.725 miles

    After crossing Hough Lane footbridge into Peel Park, turn right in the park and head outwards, now against the flow of the river. 
    At the end of the park and playing fields, cross the road and turn right over the large bridge crossing the river at Frederick Road. Immediately after crossing the bridge turn left into a riverside pathway, where about 160 yards along there is another bridge, crossing to the opposite side of the river. 

    After crossing the bridge turn right and follow the river to the next road where the Casino is on the left, cross the road and pass through the large double iron gates. This may involve passing through the central gap of the gates, which are sometimes chained in the middle to avoid full opening. This is perfectly legal as it is a right of way and marked on OS maps as a long distance trail. The measure is to deter unauthorised vehicular access. You are now inside what was the former Castle Irwell Racecourse, the former turnstiles can be seen to the left of the gates. 

    ***At this point there is a temporary diversion due to work with the former Castle Irwell racecourse, see the section titled "Peel Park to Littleton Road" for finer details.

    Walk on along the path with the student living accommodation over the fence to the left. The path now takes a complete tour of the extremities of the former Castle Irwell racecourse following the whole of the bend of the river. The path, which can be overgrown at certain times of the year can be followed all the way round by the outer path or if it is overgrown along the field edge, using the river as a guide. The aiming point is the  the humped back footbridge that crosses the river facing the blocks of flats on the opposite side.

    Pass over the humped back footbridge. On the opposite side of the river the trail now takes a loop of two miles, returning back to the same spot. 
    After crossing the bridge, turn right and walk parallel with the river, but this time not along the very edge. The paths are well used and there are board walks in some places, as there are some wet areas.
    At the end of a long board walk there are wood and soil steps, which rise back up to street level. At the top a magnificent view can be had, looking back over the former racecourse and beyond. Turn left and walk out onto Bury New Road.

    *** This is a good point for bus transport towards Prestwich, Whitefield, Bury, Blackburn, Burnley and Accrington. Buses 96, 98, X41 and X43 pass by. ***

    To continue, turn left again. Follow Bury New Road for 270 yards and then turn left down Blackfield Lane crossing the first, unsigned road, which is Vine Street and then Nevile Road into Moorside Road bearing right to emerge at Moor lane in front of St Paul’s Church. Walk to the left hand side of the church where a footpath leads onto Kersal Moor walk forward for 220 yards with church and graveyard on your right until reaching another signposted path which crosses from right to left, turn to the left and walk forward with the chain link fence on your right. Follow the path which passes along the back of the moor next to the fence, which is the border of Salford and Prestwich.

    This path is the official P.R.O.W. and the one to take. There are many other paths obvious on the moor, which do not have any particular direction and may confuse.

    At the end of the Moor the path turns left at an entry point from a small road to the right and a direction arrow points in. turn left back to Moor Lane where the road in front to the left is Oaklands Road. Walk down Oaklands Road on the left hand side for about 200 yards and opposite to where Christie Lane is on the right hand side, take the rising path on the left where a nursery school has recently been demolished and may be still be obvious. the path goes round the back of the site and then descends back towards the river Irwell at the point were the hump back bridge was crossed. Turn right, taking the path outside of the one alongside the river and follow it until it meets Rushley Avenue then Northallerton Road leading onto Littleton Road.

    The 93 and 95 bus services pass along Littleton Road to Whitefield and Prestwich or to Salford and Manchester.***

    Littleton Road to Clifton Country Park. 4.069 miles

    From Northallerton Road, turn right at Littleton Road and about 180 yards along, on the left past the shops is a footpath at the side of the playing fields on the left and a flood basin and playing fields on the right, which cannot be seen because of the high banking. Take the path to the end where it crosses over the river via a large iron footbridge -Jubilee Bridge- after crossing the bridge, turn right.
    Follow the river along past the cemetery to Agecroft Road, cross over the road and immediately drop back down onto the path on the left hand side of the river.

    *** At Agecroft Bridge there is a bus service number 484 to Prestwich or Swinton and Pendlebury at the front of the cemetery, although not frequent, alternatively, turn right over the bridge and right again into Littleton Road for buses to Salford or Manchester.***

    Proceed along the riverside passing Forest Bank Prison on the left, the walk is now alongside the river Irwell for about two miles, before long you will reach the side of some industrial buildings and the site of the now closed Pilkington Tile Company, evident by the stacks of tiles through the fence. The dry bed of the former canal running through Salford to Bolton and Bury can be seen on your left. with some short stretches of it containing water. After a mile or so the sound of the M62 Motorway will become evident and just before it you will see the Clifton Viaduct (13 Arches) over the river Irwell. Just below it is the Clifton Aqueduct, which used to carry the canal over the river.

    As you pass this point there is the bed of another old canal still in evidence on the left and occasionally the framework or shells of sunken boats can be seen in the canal bed. This is the former Fletcher Canal, which brought coal from the Wet Earth Colliery, now the site of the Clifton Country Park, to link up with the main canal to Salford, Bolton or Bury. From this point carry on along the riverside to where a path to the left rises towards the railway line then turns right alongside the track to pass under the motorway and then down to the entrance of Clifton Country Park. 

    From the motorway stay on the path straight ahead on the outside of the railway track with the rails and fence on the left, passing by the original path from the country park, which has now been closed off to St Anne's church. Carry on to the end of the path where it emerges into the main area of Clifton Country Park with the lake and visitors centre and just before it is public footpath to the left, leading to a bridge that passes over the railway and along a path emerging into Manly Avenue to turn left then right onto the A666 Manchester Road, turn right and walk forward for 275 yards then cross over to Moss Colliery Road. *** Before walking up to Manley Avenue, a search in the woods on the right of the path, and a lower path could be rewarding, in the woods there are modern sculptures and original features relating to the history and origins of the site, there is a "Dig" sculpture, a reconstruction of a "starvation boat", an abandoned canal, the Galloway Pit Pony sculpture, Fletcher's Folly chimney and an old mine entrance. 

    You may wish to take time out to explore the country park or the Visitors Centre. The mileage within the park is not taken as part of the trail.

    Clifton Country Park to Roe Green. 2.893 miles

    ***There is a regular bus service at this point to Bolton, Salford, Stockport and Manchester, bus numbers 8 and 22. ***

    From Moss Colliery Road at the side of Clifton Court, walk down Moss Colliery Road then turn right and follow the road past a row of cottages on the right and some small businesses and fields on the left. Eventually turning left at the end with the small wooded area on your right eventually crossing over a footbridge over the M60 Motorway.

    Once over the motorway turn immediately right and follow the path at the edge of the fields adjacent to the motorway for about 800 yards. At the end of the field the path meets one of the very few stiles on the walk and passes through a yard of Wardley Grange Farm, which is a storage for caravans. Keep straight ahead for less than 50 yards and bear left into a wide lane. Follow the lane to its end and cross the A6, turning right and walking towards the motorway overhead.

    *** There is a regular bus service on the A6 to Walkden, Bolton, Swinton, Salford, Prestwich and Manchester, bus numbers 36, 37, 66 and 484.***

    Turn left into Wardley Hall Road just before the motorway, then left again before the entrance road to the hall and walk down to the cemetery. The footpath runs to the left, outside of the main gates and goes round the outer perimeter of the cemetery and emerges onto the East Lancashire Road.
    Turn right and walk along the road to the crossing, just before the M61 Motorway passing overhead where you can walk no further forward.

    *** There are buses along the East Lancashire Road To Leigh, Wigan, Salford and Manchester.***

    Cross the road *(It is possible to follow the path straight ahead after crossing, which passes through Wardley Woods and ends in Hawthorn Drive, although this is an area owned by Peel Holdings and does not have any Public Rights of Way that appear on the Ordnance Survey map, so can not be officially included, even though it has paths through it).*After crossing the East Lancashire Road, turn left and walk down to the electricity pylon and turn right into Richmond Road. Walk to the end of Richmond road and take the path to the right over the field to the left of Wardley Wood leading into Hawthorn Drive and a small group of houses and bungalows with the motorway running alongside. Walk along Hawthorn Drive and the path adjacent to the motorway until it emerges onto Greenleach Lane, over which, the motorway passes. Turn right under the motorway and carry on, eventually turning right on to Roe Green.

    The number 12 bus services passes along past Roe Green.***

    Roe Green to Walkden. 6.424 miles

    To continue keep to the right hand side of the Green to the end of the children's playground and turn left into the lane signposted as Roe Green, walk along as far as Old Clough Lane then turn right onto the East Lancashire Road. and cross over to the opposite side via the crossing point there.

    Turn to the right and walk along past the Ellesmere Golf Course. At the side of the golf course a footpath runs between it and the motorway access road. Follow the single footpath where it crosses a small metal bridge and enters a wooded area and the golf course is no longer visible, walk for about 800 yards to where it crosses a railway via a footbridge with high metal sides.

    Immediately after crossing the railway turn down to the left along a path that runs at the side of the railway for a short distance before it turns right at the end of a field then take the footpath immediately on the left, almost opposite the gate of the field, which you have just passed. The footpath runs along a narrow path with fields on the left and the local fishing club premises on the right. At the end of the path cross the A6 and take up the continuity of the path on the opposite side of the road.

    Follow the path through the middle of the field until a coppice is reached on the right and take the path that turns to the left towards a stile, cross the stile and head across the field towards a short row of cottages or bungalows. Turn left through the gate and walk to the end of the lane past the Linnyshaw Garden Centre. Just after the Garden Centre there is a choice of three paths to the right, take the second path. (Not the first, which is over a stile and a field) The second path leads for 900 yards, straight into Blackleach Country Park and the beginning of its large lake, which is home to a wide variety of bird species. There is also a Visitors Centre and plenty of opportunities to rest awhile and enjoy the wildlife. Again there is the opportunity to explore the country park. The mileage within the park is not included in the Salford Trail.

    From Blackleach Country Park leave on the side opposite to the Visitors Centre and cross the A575 Worsley Road North. Immediately after crossing drop down back on to the loop line path at the beginning of Grosvenor Road and walk on until an open area is reached with bright coloured pathways in green and red tarmac.

    If you visit the Visitors Centre exit on that side by walking out onto the main road then turn right and walk up to Grosvenor Road.
    At the beginning of Grosvenor Road there is access down to the former rail line, follow this into the site of the former Ashton Fields Colliery, which has been refurbished as an open public space

    Take either of the two main paths, green or red, which meander across the open fields heading towards the overhead power lines, culminating at the same spot on the opposite end of the open space. If you take the path to the right hand side, you will see the artificial locks and canal created for effect.
    Pass out onto Cleggs Lane and cross immediately over the road, bearing left for less than 100 yards to the small black and white traffic roundabout, then turn right into the entrance of a large open sports field, bordered on the right by trees.

    The footpath passes alongside the left of the fields for about 700 yards before bearing left onto a loop line.

    *** There is a bus service along Clegg's Lane, bus numbers 36, 68, and 550.***

    The early part of the loop line is fairly new (early 2008) and has been constructed with the help of St Joseph’s R.C. Primary School. Lots of references to the history of the railway that existed before have been created in colourful artworks along the pathway. There are numerous points of access and street name indicators give the identity of the access points. A wooden seating area has been created on the site of the old Little Hulton station 1875-1954 and for those interested in industrial history keep an eye open overhead for the small pipe carrying box bridge bearing the name of the foundry of Henry Bayley & Sons, Albion Works, Miles Platting.

    It is now a straight walk along a section of the loop line for 1.8 miles to Walkden railway station and the end of the second part of the trail. Follow the loop line passing under a number of road bridges before passing under a railway bridge then two more road bridges. At this point take the option of exiting the line to the left via the stepped access point and the very short walk to Walkden railway station. The bridges along this section of loop line are named so it should be easy to identify where to leave for the station, at Walkden Road.

    *** There are buses outside the station, numbers 12 and 68. Walkden railway station has a regular service to Wigan or Salford and Manchester.***

    Walkden to Worsley. 5.555 miles

    To continue stay on the loop line. From Walkden Railway Station turn left and walk to the bridge over the loop line on the grass verge at the side of the bridge there are steps leading down to the loop line. turn left and walk along until a road bridge overhead is met,  this is the A580 East Lancashire Road, pass under it and about 100 yards further on take a path to the right which climbs into a field via two sets of wooden steps, rising no more than four feet. Cross the field in a straight line to find another path that drops down from the field via steps onto another loop line. Turn right and walk along for 550 yards, before again passing under another junction of the A580 East Lancashire Road.

    Immediately after passing under it there is a very wet area in front.

    Take the path to the left, which rises above it and follow the path for another 300 yards then take the footpath that rises via steps to a stone bridge, which crosses the former railway and very wet area

    Turn to the left and follow the path to the end of the field to emerge onto the A580 and cross to the path, which continues directly on the opposite side of the road.

    Leaving the A580 East Lancashire Road behind, carry on for another 550 yards as far as a group of houses on Delaford Avenue, at the end of which a path on the right, through a small gap in the trees passes to the rear of  the Marriot Hotel and Old Hall Lane, turn right and walk at the side of the golf course car-park. towards the golf course. Carry on along the signposted footpath, passing by the first signpost on the left. Turn right passing the green keepers warehouse and centre on the right and follow the signs around the golf course, first walking in a straight line towards and through a coppice of trees, beyond which is the A580 where the path turns to the left.

    On reaching green/hole number six a footpath sign to the left gives the direction to walk towards the Ellesmere Memorial passing a pond on the way.When reaching the edge of the course just after the pond, turn left and follow the footpath passing by the field that holds the Ellesmere Memorial and turnd right into a footpath with a high fence on either side, leading out to the next road, which is the A572 Leigh Road. Turn right onto Leigh Road, staying on the right hand side for 1,100 yards to the crossing next to Hollins Wood Road, cross and turn right after the crossing and walk to Boothshall Road and turn left, walking down to Quayside Close and the Moorings Basin and canal side pub. .

    *** At Leigh Road there is a bus service numbers 26, 126 and 132.***

    cross over the bridge next to the pub to the opposite side of the canal, turn left, walk towards Worsley and go under the motorway then under a road until an iron and stone arched footbridge is reached. Cross over the bridge on to Worsley Green and the end of this leg.

    Worsley to Brookhouse/Peel Green. 3.464 miles

    From Worsley Green cross over Worsley Road and turn left towards Mill Brow. Walk up Mill Brow and into Worsley Woods, passing through the woods alongside the Old Warke Dam. As the end of the dam is reached a black and white Tudor style cottage will be found in the woods, turn right at the side of the cottage and carry on in a straight line until a flight of steps are reached. Descend the steps on to the Loop Line footpath and turn right. It is now a straight walk of about one mile to its end at Monton. After about 550 yards the path runs through the former Worsley railway station and the platforms can still be seen. Follow the Loop Line to its end at Monton, turning right at Monton Green to cross the bridge over the canal.

    Access the canal on the right hand side next to the pub named The Waterside, directly across from the Monton Lighthouse.

    Follow the canal for half a mile passing under a motorway until a railway bridge crosses overhead. Pass under the bridge.

    Leave the canal behind at this point, turning right and up a few steps, taking a path that runs parallel with the railway line, it being on your right hand side for about 950 yards and crossing a couple of roads and continuing, before eventually coming to a bridge over Worsley Brook.
    Pass over the brook and walk forward until a broad path comes in from the right, this is part of the new Salford Greenway (2015) turn left and follow the path to stile into a road is reached, Hallsworth Road, turn right and pass under the motorway emerging into Brookhouse Avenue, turn left and then right into Senior Road, At the end of Senior Road where it turns right and becomes Northfleet Road there is a short passage with seven concrete stumps at the end of it. Walk down the passage to emerge on to Verdant Lane at the side of the cemetery and the end of this short section.

    ***There is a bus service, number 10, into Eccles, Salford and Manchester from Brookhouse, or further on the 100 and 67 services go along Liverpool Road.***

    Brookhouse/Peel Green to Irlam. 4.537 miles

    To continue, turn right and walk along Verdant Lane at the side of the cemetery until a footpath is reached at the end. As the footpath is approached at the end of the road it appears to be blocked off by a fence, but it is open, with a offset gap in the middle. Once on the path go straight ahead at the side of the cemetery keeping to the path on the left and not over the playing fields.

    Reaching the moss land and the outer edge of Barton Aerodrome, turn right crossing over a ditch by concrete slabs and then left, following the outer edge of the aerodrome. The path eventually runs at the side of Tunnel Farm, turn right and pass in front of the farm house and walk for 200 yards and then left to pass over the motorway.
    Turn left after passing over and walk for 400 yards with the motorway on the left. After 400 yards the road bears right away from the motorway and straightens out. The name of this road is Twelve Yards Road although its length is 2 miles, in an dead straight line with fields and moss land on either side, ending at Astley Road.

    The road is tree lined for much of its length with intermittent gaps of wide open spaces. Along its length there are paths or metalled roads crossing on the left and right. Any of the paths to the left can be taken to go in the direction of the Irlam housing estate and B5320 or A57 Liverpool Road, if an early exit is required.

    The second left turn off is Cutnook Lane, although not signed. Half way down this road is Moss Farm Fisheries, where a cafe can be found with all types of catering served.

    At the end of Twelve Yards road turn left at Astley Road. Walk along Astley Road for 1600 yards, cross over the M62 motorway When a fork in the road is reached, follow the right hand lane to a footpath sign on the right hand side
    At this point the section to Irlam is complete. For access to public transport carry on down Astley Road through the estate to the A57. The road leads to Warrington or back into Salford by bus. Alternatively turn right at the A57 for the Irlam railway station.

    Irlam to Cadishead. 7.128 miles

    To carry on.

    The footpath continues across the fields for about 940 yards and  on to a lane via a stile and Rosebank Farm in front.
    At Rosebank Farm turn right and walk straight on past Woolden View Farm and over the M62 Motorway passing Birch Tree Farm, Little Haven and Ringing Pits Farm, before passing through a gate to a path through a wooded area, which emerges onto a large peat bog. At the edge of the bog it is clearly signposted showing the pathway as turning to the right and following the new gravel path around the edge of the bog to where it finishes on the opposite side where there is a bridge over the drainage ditch.

    Cross the bridge and follow the path which is across the centre of the field diagonally to the left, which at certain times of year will be planted with crops, but has also been set-aside land. After about 600 yards an open track is reached. Turn left and follow the track and turn right onto another wide path between fields with farms on either side. The hard based track now passes a number of farms close together. These are Moss Lodge Farm, Red House Farm, and White Gate Farm on the right and Platt House Farm on the left. Walk to the end of this road and turn left where another farm, Moss Side Farm is just around the corner. Walk along the road for 770 yards passing by a signpost that points to the right over a metal footbridge and out of Salford.
    Immediately after is another signpost to the left. This is the extreme edge of Salford at its border with Astley. Take the second path to the left past Moss House Farm. The path is now more or less a straightforward route to the finish, running parallel with the Glaze Brook, although not at its very edge, passing Little Woolden Hall. 

    *** At a point ahead between Keepers Cottage and the motorway crossing there is a seriously muddy patch along the footpath in a small coppice of trees. This can be avoided by taking a detour, as follows, Just before Keepers Cottage take the path to the left towards the peat bog taking a right and then left turn to meet the path at which the bog was reached for the route around it. Turn right and back down the path used to access the bog pass over the motorway to turn right at Woolden View Farm to meet the original path near Great Woolden Hall and continue on the original route.*** 

    The original distance through the muddy patch  between Little Woolden Hall and Great Woolden Hall, just after the motorway is 0.8917 miles the diversion between the same points is 2.9235 miles a difference of 2.0318 miles***

    About 140 yards yards past Little Woolden Hall the path forks, take the left fork and after 550 yards pass over a stile at Keepers Cottage.
    Cross over the M62 motorway and through Great Woolden Hall Farm then across the fields and under the railway line passing the bus terminus of the number 67 and past the sewage works and through a small group of houses through Rosebank Road and Mytholme Avenue to the A57 bridge over the Glaze Brook, just before Hollins Gree and the end of this leg of the Salford Trail.

    *** There are transport links in most directions, Glazebrook railway station is less than a mile up the B522 to the right over the Glazebrook, although the trains are not frequent. Irlam Railway station is just over a mile down the A57 towards Eccles. Bus No 100 passes to or from Warrington, while the No 67 is every ten minutes or less during the day from the nearby estate or further down the A57. ***

    Cadishead to Victoria Road, Irlam. 3.769 miles

    The next section of the walk takes advantage of the opening of second phase of the Irlam and Cadishead by-pass, but taking in as much off-road walking as is possible. Although this section, before walking it, may seem like an arduous and unattractive option and some on road walking is unavoidable, it has much to offer. It runs alongside the Manchester Ship Canal for some of the walk.

    From the old stone bridge over the Glaze Brook at Cadishead walk towards the new A57, Cadishead Way. There is an enticing wooded area just before the road, which can be passed through, it is small and gives an opportunity to see where the Glaze Brook enters the canal and a footpath along the canal joins up with the trail, but it serves as no advantage to time or distance.
    On reaching the road and the side of the canal walk along the right hand footpath as much as possible, with the canal below on the right for 1.7 miles, crossing over when the path runs out on that side

    After 1.7 miles a high level rail bridge is encountered. The line is now disused and the centre of the bridge is blocked by large steel shipping containers. Immediately after the bridge the road moves in, away from the canal side, shortly after, on the left, an old shunting engine will be seen, newly painted and renovated. At this point just after the engine, there is a path that goes behind the engine to the left towards the railway embankment, walk along with the embankment to the left and the old line high above, bear right passing the various industrial units onto Martens Road and follow the road until it meets Brinell Drive.

    Turn left at Brinell Drive and then right into Gilchrist Road until it meets Excalibur Way, turn left and follow the road up to Liverpool Road directly across from Irlam train station, turn right at Liverpool Road and walk along on the right hand side until you reach Fairhills Road cross over it at the traffic lights and continue along Liverpool Road for about fifty yards until a large green sward is reached with Irlam Pool at the opposite end.
    Turn right onto the green and walk across towards the bottom right hand corner, passing a fire station training tower on the right about half way along.
    As you reach the bottom right hand corner a tarmac footpath crosses from left to right in a diagonal direction towards an exit gate, a few yards further on another path passes along in front of the trees and both meet in the corner next to the exit gate.

    Do not go through the gate, but where the two paths meet there is a path that passes through the trees in front. Take this path and follow it through the trees where there soon appears on the right the old bed of the river Irwell, still in water.
    Follow the path along with the old river on the right until the Boat House pub is reached and pass behind it to the road at the side, which is Ferry Road. Turn left at Ferry Road going past the pub and turn left into Broadway, walk along Broadway to Liverpool Road. Turn left and walk up to Irlam Primary School on the opposite side, cross over to that side of the road and turn right into Victoria Road. *** This is the end of the leg between Cadishead and Victoria Road.

    Victoria Road, Irlam to Barton Bridge. 6.913 miles.

    Walk up Victoria Road passing the school playing field to a car repair business at the edge of the fields. At the right hand side there is a narrow path between the business premises and a field on the right, after a short distance you will emerge onto Irlam Moss, follow the path and cross over the motorway via the steps and bridge. After crossing the motorway turn right and follow the footpath, which runs along the edge of the field, but is not obvious by constant use, but over lush green grass.

    After about 175 metres the path veers out to the middle of the field heading towards a line of trees, follow it to the end where a wider path crosses and turn right to follow the path along the field edge to a metalled road that crosses, this is Cutnook Lane in the A-Z, but not signed as such.

    Turn left at Cutnook Lane and walk on to take  the next turning to the right, just before the sign in front for Moss Farm Fisheries.
    About half way down the path there is a telephone communications mast. This path is described as Raspberry Lane in the A-Z, but not signed.  At the end of the path, right next to the bridge over the motorway, turn left and walk forward to the metalled road that crosses, which is Twelve Yards Road. Turn right walking back along the road that has been previously walked in the opposite direction, this is unavoidable.

    On reaching the path which takes you over the motorway turn right and cross over, Then right again walk forward passing by Tunnel Farm and onto Barton Moss Road going towards and past the research laboratories and out onto Liverpool Road.
    Turn left passing by the large vehicle lay-by and walk forward for 1045 yards, eventually reaching the end of Barton Airport, where the houses begin.
    Turn left at this point and walk into Trident Road turning left at the side of the first house and walking in towards Barton Moss.
    Turn right with the airport boundary on your left for 468 yards to where a footpath goes to the right towards Peel Green cemetery and Verdant Lane. This is a previously walked path in the opposite direction.

    On Verdant Lane, walk along to the point where the lane bends to the right and walk through the short passage on the left where there are seven stumps at the opposite end, emerging out at the junction of Northfleet and Senior Roads, turn right along Senior Road then left into Brookhouse Avenue and walk forward until a passage under the motorway is met on the right.
    Pass under the motorway then immediately left through the stile and along the path over the green area, turning right with the path and passing over a small bridge over the Worsley Brook.

    Turn left after crossing the bridge at the edge of the rugby field and walk alongside the brook with it on the left, the path eventually reaches the edge of the railway line overhead. Turn right along the footpath at the side of the railway and carry on with it on the left, passing over a couple of small roads until the Bridgewater Canal is reached near Patricroft train station. Turn right and walk along the footpath at the side of the canal as far as the Barton aquaduct and the end of this leg of the trail at Barton swing-bridge.

    Barton Bridge to Salford Quays. 3.543 miles

    To continue to Salford Quays walk down Barton Lane as far as Eccles, turn right into Bentcliffe Way, using the footpath in front of Charter House and St George Court, crossing over Irwell Grove, keeping to the right hand side then turn right at Gilda Brook Road. Head towards the canal cross Lankro Way and go round the rear of the round-about, or Canal Circle as it is named. Carry on along Centenary Way past the Centenary Bridge, Staying on the right hand side past Allied Mills on the right and then Weaste sewage works on the left. Soon the footpath on the right hand side runs out, cross over to the left after the Weaste sewage works and carry on along that side until the signs for Media City. Turn right into Media City and walk towards and between the BBC building on the right and 'The Landing' building on the left to eventually emerge into the large open area surrounded by Media City and Salford Quays. Walk diagonally across the space towards the Media City tram station and down the left hand platform, where you will pass the Blue Peter Garden. Turn right at the waters edge and continue in front of the Lowry building, turning left at the bridge and following the waterside path towards Salford Quays Tram station and the end of the Salford Trail.